Jean-Luc Capers
Jean-Luc Caspers (*1997) is a german artist from Trier, Germany. He is mainly working with photographic processes and film photography has played a major role in his life. His work is characterized by a conceptual approach and a rethinking of the photographic media in a three dimensional way. He is one of the co-founders of the artist collective „Pint Magazine“ and is a founding member of the PULPXIX Kunstgemeinschaft e.V. Jean-Luc has been assistant to artists like Sebastian Böhm at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier for 5 years.

©Nils Karlson

CV and selection of exhibitions

Born 1997 in Trier, Germany.

2015-2019 assistant, European Academy of Fine Arts, Trier.

2016 Abitur, Friedrich-Spee-Gymnasium, Trier.

2016-2019 studies in mathematics, University Trier.

Since 2019 studies in art history, University Trier.

2020 winner of the I AM KUNSTPREIS 2021.

2021 curator of the Pint Magazine exhibition, KM9-Dein Kunstraum, Trier.

2021 first solo exhibition, KM9-Dein Kunstraum, Trier.

Since 2021 freelancer for art education, European Academy of Fine Arts, Trier.

2021 founding member of PULPXIX Kunstgemeinschaft e.V.

2021 Art of the Break, group exhibition, PULPXIX Kunstgemeinschaft e.V., Stadtbücherei Trier.

2022 member of KM9 – Dein Kunstraum Kollektiv.

2022 curator of the exhibition „Bezüge zum Meer“, KM9-Dein Kunstraum, Trier.

Since 2022 member of VG-Bildkunst