fragile masculinity

Fragile masculinity is a series about anxiety, pain, loneliness, pressure and wanting to escape the system. It is not about the fragility of an individual but about the concept of masculinity itself that is harmful to our society. The concept of masculinity is fragile so why are we living in a patriarchal society when there is no need of such a thing?

The term masculinity has to be discussed and redefined. So I started portraying men and people who are read as men while talking with them about their experiences with the current model of masculinity. 

The pictures are the result of a discussion and a self reflection with and of the people in front of the camera. Therefore it has also a documentary approach. It focuses the different experiences and perspectives to a universal and anonymous portrait. The skin tones are close to the greys in the background so there is only a fine line between the background and the body that dissolves in the surface.